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Into our workshop this time round comes this brand new Mini Cooper SD.  The owner instructed the supplying dealership not to wash or clean the car to ensure it was immaculate prior to delivery, and they obliged!  So the vehicle was delivered on the day straight to our workshop direct from the Oxford factory, unwashed and with a grand total of 2mi on the odometer.  After a quick spin and shakedown, the customer left the vehicle with us for a New Car Prep...with 8mi now showing on the clock Smile


Not much to the wash as the paint was new and contaminant-free; so a simple, paired-down procedure was adopted consisting of: Snowfoam, jet wash and then a two bucket hand wash using Megs #62.

So with the a few detailing swabs in hand dipped in some APC, we cleaned away the excess grease.

Similarly, the mats.

At this point we raised the Mini onto the lift and removed the wheels for cleaning.

With the wet work pretty much finished we could begin to think in terms of the completion activities.  To start with, we polished out the scratches on the roof with a 3M Yellow Spot pad and 3M's Exra Fine polish:


We sealed the calipers with Werkstat Prime Strong...

We dressed the threshold rubbers with Megs HD.  In addition, the exterior plastics were dressed with Megs ASD.

The tailpipes were cleaned with a microfibre cloth and a spritz of alcohol.

After an inspection under the lights, we could only find a light series of scratches visible on the roof (probably from the covering); aside from that the paintwork was in A1 condition.  So onto the prep...


We started by removing the transport stickers still on the body/windows.


And with the body now squeaky clean we dried the car with a microfibre towel and moved the vehicle into the workshop.  

With that out of the way we turned our attention to the engine bay which was given a light clean with a microfibre and Megs APC (10% mix)

then over to the wheels which were cleaned, dried and sealed with G-Techniq EXO.

It wasn't the warmest of days and EXO is quite specific in terms of the temp conditions required for full adhesion.  So, we cranked up the torpedo until the application temps were suitable (20deg):

And finally, the finishing coating...G-Techniq EXO; applied to the exterior painted surfaces, windows and tailpipes after a thorough alcohol wipedown.

A very nice & tidy, well-specc'ed little car truth be told and the owner left very pleased with the job done...result!  TOTAL TIME = 10.5hrs


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All clean, we then spent some time with AS Tardis and some cotton stockinette to go over the entire exterior to ensure all the transport residues, glues and general sticky bits were removed.

And with the bonnet up we could see a few more areas that needed some attention!

A quick clean of the calipers firstly...

Then onto the mat for a wash.


Next up, we cleared the traps and water-retaining areas of left over wash water with the blow dryer:

The engine bay was dressed with 303 Aerospace Protectant (via the Tornador).

Then over to the interior which was still plastic covered and really only in need of a light vacuum and surface wipedown.  We followed this up by protecting/sealing the fabric seats with G-Techniq's I1.

and refitted the wheels.  We also dressed the tyres with Extreme Black.

A check with the infra-red gun...almost there!

And after a full 24h curing cycle, some afters: